Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: November 30th - December 7th

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Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week, including the first Monday of this week. Enjoy!

I want to take a moment to thank Bulk88 for his help with these summaries.

November 30th - December 7th Updates

The release of Perl 5.22.1 was postponed to handle and review a few hexfp bugs which were discovered on release of RC3. Steve Hay'spost has the voting file link.

Term::ANSIColor4.04 is released! More information is available in theannouncement.

podlators(consisting of Pod::Manand Pod::Text) 4.00released!

Soon thereafter, versions 4.01, 4.02, and 4.03 were released as well.

The Mac OS 10.9 compiler has compilation problems on ithreads builds since Jarkko Hietaniemi introduced a commit that adds clangthread safety analysis annotations to the perl source code. With the help of Aaron Crane, it was decided to only support this when using a later version of clang.

Bugs Reported bugs Perl #126794: $Config{installsitescript}not populated on Windows. Perl #126812: Feature request for Data::Dumperto support condensed ranges. Perl #126813: Feature request for Data::Dumperto support tailing commas in list output. Perl #126814: Feature request for Data::Dumperto support tighter packing options. Perl #126815: Segfault discovered by fuzzing. Possibly a dup ofPerl #125540. Perl #126837: Segfault in a custom perl -d:KPafter loading Time::HiRes. Resolved bugs Perl #121048,Perl #125341, andPerl #125789: Illegal sub declaration crashes. Perl #123991: Null pointer dereference. Perl #126245: perlapi SvLEN_setdocumentation confusingly similar to SvCUR_set. Perl #126260: Division by zero error. Perl #126437: hexdocumentation not clear on invalid input. Perl #126608: lookaheador look-ahead? The former! Perl #126735: Perl debugging disconnecting problem. Perl #126753: Move Win32 $^Xcode to where the $^Xcode for other OSes live. Proposed patch to make -Oin Configurethe default. Proposed patches

Bulk88 proposed a revised patch inPerl #126686 (build-time parallelness).

Tony Cook provided a proposed patch for handling unnecessary rebuilds, described inPerl #126710.

Sullivan Beck provided apatch to update Locale::Codes.

Doug Bell provided a patch inPerl #126821 to mention the use of $?in backticks documentation. This patch had already been merged.

Achim Gratz provided a patch inPerl #126834 to fix a Cygwin-related test.


Yves Ortonsuggests setting SVf_POK, SVf_IOK, and SVf_NOKflags only when on setting and not on conversion. This will allow differentiating between what a type is(in a manner of speaking) and howyou can use it. The suggestion and the responses are an interesting read that detail some of the difficulties in types in dynamic languages.

Dave Mitchellraised a discussion the semantics of @_with signature subroutines.

Hanno Böcknoted a possibly unnecessary wrapper script generated by Makefile.SH, but as Andy Doughertyexplains, it is not as simple as it looks.

Dave Mitchell helped debugPerl #126261 and Karl Williamson provides more details and is working on a fix.

Ed Avis is looking at standardizing more documentation and words with different spellings and pronounciations. Now looking at regexvs. regexp, Edasks which should be used. Opinions differ, as usual.

Karl Williamson isnoting that Porting/bench.pldoes not include utf8_heavy.plin its results.

Karl alsoinquired about utf8 support in identifier names.