a threadpool by python

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#!/usr/bin/python# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-"""A simple thread [email protected]: Junaid P [email protected]: GPLv3""" from threading import Thread, RLock, Lockfrom time import sleepfrom functools import wrapsdef synchronous( tlockname ): """ A decorator to place an instance based lock around a method from: http://code.activestate.com/recipes/577105-synchronization-decorator-for-class-methods/ """ def _synched(func): @wraps(func) def _synchronizer(self,*args, **kwargs): tlock = self.__getattribute__( tlockname) tlock.acquire() try: return func(self, *args, **kwargs) finally: tlock.release() return _synchronizer return _synchedclass ThreadPoolThread(Thread): def __init__(self, pool): Thread.__init__(self) self.__pool = pool self.start() def run(self): try: while True: task = self.__pool.pop_task() if task == None: break if task[1] != None and task[2] != None: task[0](*task[1], **task[2]) elif task[1] != None: task[0](*task[1]) else: task[0]() finally: # Always inform about thread finish self.__pool.thread_finished() class ThreadPool(object): def __init__(self, thread_count): self.__tasks = [] self.task_lock = Lock() self.__thread_count = thread_count self.__threads = [] self.threads_lock = Lock() self.__finished_threads_count = 0 self.finished_threads_count_lock = Lock() @synchronous('task_lock') def add_task(self, callable_, args=None, kwds=None): self.__tasks.append((callable_, args, kwds)) @synchronous('task_lock') def pop_task(self): if len(self.__tasks) > 0: return self.__tasks.pop(0) else: return None def start_workers(self): self.__finished_threads_count = 0 self.__threads = [] for i in range(self.__thread_count): worker = ThreadPoolThread(self) self.__threads.append(worker) def wait(self): """ Wait for every worker threads to finish """ while True: finished_threads_count = self.get_finished_threads_count() if finished_threads_count == self.__thread_count: break sleep(1) @synchronous('finished_threads_count_lock') def thread_finished(self): self.__finished_threads_count += 1 @synchronous('finished_threads_count_lock') def get_finished_threads_count(self): return self.__finished_threads_count"""Example"""if __name__ == '__main__': from threading import current_thread class SampleTask: def __init__(self, name): self.name = name def call_me(self, count): print "Thread: ", current_thread().getName() for i in range(count): print self.name, ': counting ', i sleep(3) pool = ThreadPool(2) a = SampleTask("A") b = SampleTask("B") c = SampleTask("C") d = SampleTask("D") e = SampleTask("E") pool.add_task(a.call_me, (5,)) pool.add_task(b.call_me, (7,)) pool.add_task(c.call_me, (6,)) pool.add_task(d.call_me, (4,)) pool.add_task(e.call_me, (5,)) pool.start_workers() pool.wait() print "Sleeping 5 seconds before next run..." sleep(5) f = SampleTask("F") g = SampleTask("G") h = SampleTask("H") pool.add_task(f.call_me, (5,)) pool.add_task(g.call_me, (4,)) pool.add_task(h.call_me, (3,)) pool.start_workers() pool.wait()