【MySQL】【leetcode】 Combine Two Tables解题报告

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Table: Person

+-------------+---------+| Column Name | Type |+-------------+---------+| PersonId | int || FirstName | varchar || LastName | varchar |+-------------+---------+

PersonId is the primary key column for this table.
Table: Address

+-------------+---------+| Column Name | Type |+-------------+---------+| AddressId | int || PersonId | int || City | varchar || State | varchar |+-------------+---------+

AddressId is the primary key column for this table.

Write a SQL query for a report that provides the following information for each person in the Person table, regardless if there is an address for each of those people:

FirstName, LastName, City, State



# Write your MySQL query statement belowselect FirstName, LastName, City, State from Person left outer join Address on Person.PersonID = Address.PersonID;