Brosmind 卡通纸牌设计

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来自西班牙插画家Brosmind 的一组可爱清新的卡通纸牌设计,更多Brosmind插画,可以参阅《Brosmind 卡通图形设计欣赏》《矢量插画 里面是什么》。

Juan (1978) and Alejandro (1981) were born in Huesca, Spain. As children, they were already a creative duo spending their time drawing comics, building vehicles for their toys and making home movies with a home camcorder.In 2001, Juan graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona. Then, he began to study Graphic Design at Elisava Design School. After graduating he joined the advertising agency Villarrosas. In 2006 his short movie “Hitchcock devoured by the birds” won a Bronze in the Output Awards 06.