I'll be speaking at OSCON 2015

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I'm very happy to announce that I will be speaking at OSCON 2015 with my good friend Robin Osborne . We will be presenting a tutorial entitled " Automating web performance " which will run through a step-by-step guide to web performance and show you how to automate as much of your development workflow as possible.

If you've never heard of OSCON before, it is a great conference. At OSCON, you'll learn the best strategies for open source tools and technologies, as well as exposure to the full stack, in all possible configurations. Test-drive technologies and discover ideas that you can take back to test in your workplace.

There are some amazing open source tools that can make life a lot easier. In this talk we will run through various open source tools and libraries, and a step-by-step automation example covering web techniques, such as:

-Image compression and optimization

-Responsive images

-WebP images

-Removing unused CSS

-Critical path CSS

-Testing and benchmarking

-How to integrate this all in a continuous integration process

-Build, deployment, hosting, scaling

If you'd like to attend this great event, there are still tickets left. If you'd like to get 25% discount off of your ticket, simply enter the code SPEAKER25 when you buy your ticket. We hope to see you there!