CSS Spheres, Tricky CSS Selectors Quiz and more

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Every Thursday is Tech Thursday where we share a random assortment of technical links we found and liked.

js-sequence-diagramsturns text into UML sequence diagrams. A comprehensive guide to becoming a WordPress developerto help you get started developing in WordPress. 9 useful GitHub usage patternsto help you graduate from being a git/github beginner. An awesome collection of fun 404 animations, refresh the page to see a new animation. What to do when the internet is down[Infographic]. Don’t act like you haven’t gone through each one of these steps! HTML5 Features You Should Know is a crossword puzzle that is about HTML5. A little CSS quiz to test your knowledge of CSS selectors. Making use of CSS gradients to add shading and create the 3D effect on a CSS sphere with animation. How to instantly and easily start a custom back-end server based on Node.js and Express, and automatically see your incremental front-end and back-end changes applied both in your browserand on the server. Effeckt.jsis a collection of performant css transitions and animations in a tight framework.

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