White October Events Workshop Partnership

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I’m really excited to announce a new partnering with London-based events company White October Events. The aim is to be able to offer semi-frequent publicworkshops.

Whereas the majority of my workshops are for private clients—who need tailored advice and training around their particular product—there is undoubtedly a huge market for individuals from companies to be able to learn similar techniques in a more generalised and high-level manner.

I’m really looking forward to being able to offer these kinds of workshop through White October Events—a company with a great reputation and demonstrable experience running tech events.

The first two events are scheduled for 25 September, 2015and 20 November, 2015both in London, UK. Topics will include

how to assess, normalise, and rationalise designs; how to split designs up into discrete objects, abstractions and components; naming conventions and general advice for naming things; the ITCSS architecturefor managing CSS projects; how to effectively manage layout; themingand skinning; how to use Sassto tie things together; and anything moreyou think of on the day! Tickets

There are a handful of places left on the 25 September workshop.

Details: whiteoctoberevents.co.uk/css-workshop-september Tickets: ti.to/CSS-architecture-september

There are a few places available on the 20 November workshop.

Details: whiteoctoberevents.co.uk/css-workshop-november Tickets: ti.to/whiteoctober/CSS-architecture-november

See you there!

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