New CSS Framework Filename

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All the RailsApps example applications add either the Bootstrap or Foundation front-end frameworks using a file framework_and_overrides.css.scss. Files in the folder app/assets/stylesheetsare loaded in alphabetical order unless the manifest in application.css.scssspecifies the files by name.

Today I added a custom CSS file to a project with filename that preceded framework_and_overrides.css.scssin alphabetical order. My custom CSS rules were overridden by the Bootstrap CSS, which is not what I wanted. I realized I could remove the *= require_tree .directive in the application.css.scssmanifest and specify the files to load in the order I wanted. It’s easier to rename the framework_and_overrides.css.scssas 1st_load_framework.css.scssand have it load first, automatically.

I’ve changed the rails_layoutgem to use the new 1st_load_framework.css.scssfilename. I’ll also change the filename in all the RailsApps example applications. I hope this doesn’t make a mess for anyone. I think the change is harmless and will simply the process of adding custom CSS files to RailsApps starter applications.