Event: The State of Front-End Dev

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Front-end development means HTML and CSS, right? Oh, and JavaScript. Yeah. Wait, what about all those JS frameworks—do they count? And do front-end devs have to design, too?

Format Google Hangout 30-minute panel chat 30-minute audience Q&A Date & Time

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Front-end dev is a diverse field that’s changing quickly, and we’ve been hearing lots of questions about what it all means. Don’t fear: our expert panelists will help you navigate the gray areas and explore new technologies with confidence.

After this event, you’ll be prepared to:

Discuss the changing face of front-end dev, and what that means for your work Position yourself effectively with recruiters and hiring managers Work successfully with a product team Define a career path that works for your goals and interests

Our panelists will share stories and case studies about strategies that have worked well for them, and then we’ll turn it over to you for questions.

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Featuring Chris Coyier CSS-Tricks creator, ShopTalk podcaster, and CodePen co-founder Jina Bolton Salesforce designer and style guide advocate from San Francisco Una Kravets Sass-lovin’ front-end developer working at IBM Rebecca Murphey Austin-based engineer and creator of the js-assessment project Marco Rogers Clover engineering head, speaker, and original server-side JavaScript fan